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Our mission is to bring client vision into reality by combining collaborative creativity with seasoned management and live event strategy.

The 709 Agency brings management and live events under one roof. Founded in July of 2009 in Southlake, Texas (now based in Colorado Springs, CO), 709 Agency assists in developing, managing and maintaining live events, whether it’s conferences, music tours or corporate training events. The client base is diverse, including: music artists, speakers, writers, corporations, and ministries.


Our services

The 709 Agency offers a diversity of services, but a very focused approach of unity in design and production. Working with many different types of clients on various projects, including technical production, show producing, directing and show management, both on a large and small scale, 709 delivers quality events, domestically and internationally. We take a holistic approach to events and believe that good event planning starts with good relationship, which is most important in developing trust. We believe that trust and relationship is key to building a long-term collaborations, partnerships and successful events. 709 has experience across North America, Europe, Asia, African and Australia and can assist in ensuring successful events in almost any region.


Venue Search and Hire: We are able to search, present, secure and contract venues on behalf of our clients, across the globe with our extensive network and relationships with venues, cities, countries, CVB’s and DMC’s. Stadiums, Arenas, Conference Centers, Resorts.


With over 15 years of live event experience, 709 Agency is your resource for technical production needs including design, sound, lighting, video and television. From small, one-day events, to large, multi-day, multi-venue events, we have the experience to help design, create, implement and acquire the gear and personnel your event requires.


Budgeting, Contracting, Venue Hire, Logistics, Technical Production, Registration, Transport, Travel, Hotels, Security, Crowd Managment, Hospitality, Food / Beverage, Catering, Credentials, Permits, Sales, Branding, Signage - Using our partners around the globe, we have the ability to manage all aspects of your event from the creative inception to final implementation.


When the event requires a producer, 709 delivers the knowledge and experience to help you get the format you want from your live event.  From corporate events to live television and concerts, 709 can help to ensure your event meets all your expectations creatively and impact your audience the way you envision.

Fun Facts

A few interesting facts about 709 Agency

  • Years Open 7
  • Years Experience 18
  • Miles Flown 999999
  • Countries Visted 53


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